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"The Professional Beekeeping Training Program-“Changing to Modern Beekeeping”". Kigali, Rwanda. Organized by EG HONEY Trading Ltd, In Partnership with Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and (Rwanda Agricultural and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB)-------Gahunda yo Guhugura Ubuvumvu bw'umwuga- “Guhindura ubuvumvu bugezweho” ”. Kigali, u Rwanda
Timing: from 14 to 25 FEBRUARY 2022
Address: Kigali, Rwanda
Contact us at (+250) 783812077 or admin@eghoney.com
Igihe: kuva 14 kugeza 25 GASHYANTARE 2022 Aderesi: Kigali, u Rwanda Twandikire kuri (250) 783812077 cyangwa admin@eghoney.com

Why Chosing EG-HONEY

                                                                                         Why chosing us 
Highly experienced in Beekeeping, We listen to your aspirations so we have a clear understanding of your priorities so we can insure to deliver you the best quality of honey you can ever imagine because at last the big picture is to make our clients Happy and satisfied of our products
always Ready

In EG-Honey we use the best and latest technologies in beekeeping, coz we don't hesitate when we talk about quality we wanna make sure everything is perfect

Best Quality Products

In EG-Honey we insure that clients gets the best of the best quality, to make all of our clients satisfied

Safety Precautions

The vision of the Company is to become a company of reference for beekeeping in Rwanda by contributing to the elevation of this field to another level which gonna make the customers happy and satisfied               

Quick Delivery

we work with the best teams formed to make sure fast and safe delivery to customer

Best Offers

we will make sure to make the best offers you can ever find

24/7 Customer Support

we insure to help customers to insure happiness and satisfaction

Our Company in Numbers

here is some real life numbers to make you feel more confident to try our products

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