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The company was hence registered in Rwanda in the names of EG Honey Trading LTD. The main honey product is branded “RUCHER”. The company aims to develop the beekeeping sector in Rwanda in order to create a number of suppliers who can supply sustainable quantity and quality. At the end the company will buy from those producers the beekeeping products and export them to different destinations in the World where it negotiated already some contracts. The company started by supporting some beekepers through training and coaching. Some modern behives were imprted from Egypt. Those are the ones that can produce up to 60 kgs per year. In first training which was conducted in March 2019, participated 53 beekeepers. 

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The vision of the Company is to become a company of reference for beekeeping in Rwanda by contributing to the elevation of this field to another level which gonna make the customers happy and satisfied               

EG - honey STORY

The Owner of the Company, Mr Ahmed Allam from EGYPT where advanced Beekeeping has participated in an Expo in Dubai in 2017. In that expo the Rwandan honey ranked first in all honey that were exposed. As a business operator involved in Honey he got an initiative to come in Rwanda and buy that honey. he Arrived In Rwanda, He Did Not Find The Required Quantity.

Two options were hence in his hands; either to leave the deal for Rwandan honey or get involved in the value chain development in order to contribute to the quantity increase as well as the quality. However,  He realized that only a little quantity was produced in Rwanda.  He aimed ordering at least 15 thousand metre tones per year and no supplier afforded to respond to that quantity, he didn't give up, he decided to establish EG-HONEY Trading LTD. in order to transfer the KNOW-HOW for advanced beekeeping to rwandan beekeepers

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1st Beekeepers Training March 2019 at Kigali Rwanda for basic Beekeeping knowledge with  Dr. Mohamed Hagras 

2nd Beekeepers Training November 2019 at Kigali Rwanda with Apitherapy knowledge with  Dr. Ahmed Elsabagh From Egypt

3rd Beekeepers Training FEB 2022 at Kigali Rwanda for Modern Beekeeping with Dr. Awad Hassan 

4th Beekeepers Training on March 2022 at Kigali Rwanda for Profit Making « Changing to Modern Beekeeping » SESSION No 4 with Dr. Ahmed Abboud